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2-rail Post and Rail fencing

Our most popular post&rail fence

Boundaryline 2-rail Post&Rail is the most popular fence in our range of timber Post&Rail fencing systems. The reason is – this fencing is cost-effective, looks great, and is so versatile that our customers are always finding new ways of using it!

2-rail Post&Rail is the ideal rural lifestyle fence for defining a boundary or a driveway on your farm or lifestyle block. Teamed with our wooden gates, this fence will enhance your property while still containing stock safely. Also a great fence for areas like subdivisions or golf-courses to define a boundary without breaking the view.

The unique Boundaryline straight-through mortise in the fence posts means that the posts and rails interlock without using any hardware and results in a strong, durable fence.

Ask us for a quote on a 2-rail fence that will enhance your property perfectly.

What’s great about Boundaryline Post&Rail:

Selected premium grade timber
Treated Radiata Pine – for guaranteed durability
or Macrocarpa – chemical-free and naturally durable

Straight-through mortise
Strong and durable, easy to install, and doesn’t use any ugly brackets.

Chamfered post-tops
For a tidy, premium appearance

Bevelled rails
For a uniform rail to match the posts
(except Classic 112 Macrocarpa)

Quick and simple installation
Do it yourself – or get one of our Approved Installers on the job

The 2-rail specifications;

We have two different styles available to enhance any property:

Classic 112
125 x 125mm Line Posts
125 x 125mm End Posts
150 x 50mm Rails
2.1m Rail Lengths
0.95m – 1.05m Fence Height


Signature 115
150 x 150mm Line Posts
150 x 150mm End Posts
150 x 60mm Rails - Macrocarpa
150 x 50mm Rails - Radiata
1.8m / 2.1m / 2.4m Rail Lengths
0.95m – 1.05m Fence Height

Options for your 2-rail fence:

Feature Posts
large posts on the ends, gateways and corners

Stock wires
keep small animals and pets on the right side of the fence

Hot wires
maintain stock control

Bituproof waterproofing membrane
enhanced durability for Macrocarpa

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Product Gallery

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Define your boundaries with a Post&Rail fence that blends in with the landscape 2-Rail Post&Rail
2-Rail Post&Rail provides neat and tidy boundary definition for this lifestyle block Radiata Signature 115
With wires between the rails, 2-Rail Post&Rail makes an ideal and great-looking livestock fence. Radiata Signature
Ideal for dairy farm tanker tracks Radiata Signature
Effective as a border for your driveway Macrocarpa 2-Rail
The perfect solution for horse arenas 2-Rail Post&Rail
An effective residential fence Macrocarpa Classic 112
2-Rail Post&Rail perfectly complements the lifestyle setting of this new subdivision Macrocarpa Classic 112
Post&Rail can also look effective in residential situations. 2-Rail Signature in Radiata
Follows the contours of the ground smoothly 2-Rail Post&Rail
Ideal subdivision fencing 2-Rail Post&Rail
150 x 150 posts with stock wires underneath the rails Signature 115 Radiata
This fence defines the tanker track and with the attached hot-wire conatins stock effectively 2-Rail