Boundaryline’s story begins more than 20 years ago; the McGaveston family of Terranota Ltd – experts in the timber industry – saw a need for superior quality fencing solutions.
A vision for excellence, the shared value of the great Kiwi homeownership dream and the know-how to provide that special finishing touch that turns a property into a home is the basis of Boundaryline.
Problem solvers from the outset, Boundaryline has grown a lot over the years, increasing the range of products to offer an effective solution to enhance and protect any property. Spreading the Boundaryline way far and wide, Boundaryline supply fencing products to New Zealand and Australian markets.
Boundaryline are the experts in fencing and gates for any project.

Technology changes and trends evolve, but one thing has remained constant; Boundaryline’s commitment to people.
A fence is more than a boundary; it is the intersection between the public and private, work and play, the hustle and bustle of everyday life and the oasis of home.
Boundaryline understands what people need. Whether that be a fence to welcome you home, protect your property or provide that special finishing flair to your home or business Boundaryline provides solutions with people in mind.
We make fencing easy, and never compromise on quality. That’s the Boundaryline promise.