We know that New Zealand is made up of a population of keen and capable DIYers and we encourage this 100 percent! Although all of our fences come with instructions on how to erect them correctly we thought it would be useful if we reminded you of the following tips:

  1. Be sure that you have the correct boundary line marked out before you erect your fence. If you are unable to locate the boundary pegs/markers we recommend you get in touch with a surveyor.
  2. Your fence posts need to be right. The posts are the most important part of the installation – if they are not right then nothing will be! We recommend that all posts be 300mm in-ground and all gate posts 600mm in-ground. You can go further in-ground if you prefer but if you go under the minimum you will probably find yourself re-installing your fence after the next weather storm!
  3. Plan your project. Ensure that you have accurately measured out your fence line and allowed for any inclines or corners. Having all the correct materials makes life so much easier on installation day!
  4. Read the instructions before you start! Making sure you have a good understanding of the fencing system is essential to a stress free build.

Let us know if there is anything in the instruction manuals that is not clear to you and we will be happy to go over the installation process with you. Further more if you find the whole process a bit daunting, contact us to find out who we recommend to install fences in your area.

We make fencing easy – that’s the Boundaryline promise!