Faulty Hinge for Glass Fencing


Dear Customer,

We understand that the safety of our families is of the greatest importance.
It is our intention to provide the very safest fence and gate systems, and we regret to advise that we have found some instances of failure with some glass gate hinges sourced from our New Zealand supplier.
These hinges have been sold throughout New Zealand for a long period of time and only a small number of failures have been recorded. There have been no reported injuries or incidents arising from this fault, however, as a reputable and trustworthy supplier, it is important that we be proactive and find every instance where a faulty hinge may have remained undetected. We need your help; to ensure your peace of mind, and ours also.
Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused, and we thank you very much in advance for helping us to make the homes and properties of New Zealand families as safe as possible.

Please follow the link below if you have purchased a hinge set for your Glass gates from us.

Important Notice