6 Fence etiquette tips

According to the New Zealand Fencing Act, if you want to build a fence between your property and your neighbour’s, don’t argue. You can even expect the neighbour to go halves on the bill for an “adequate” fence. However, it is essential to consider that the fence will affect more than just your yard. Your neighbour also will see it.

“Good fences make good neighbours”

Robert Frost, Mending Wall, 1914

We have learnt from our childhood that saying “thank you” and “please” are examples of good manners, but did you know that when it comes to installing a new fence, there’s such a thing as “fence etiquette”? The law considers that you may discuss with your neighbour before start putting in the fence posts by making a reasonable proposal. In case of not reaching an agreement, you must serve your neighbour with a “fencing notice”. Even though this may be the legal way to act, without following proper fence etiquette, it can create some issues.

Once you decide to have or replace a fence, try to follow the fence etiquette tips to ensure that “good fences make good neighbours”.

1. Observe boundaries

Ensure that you define your property lines by checking your home’s plat or blueprint for boundary lines (if needed, consider hiring a land surveyor to mark your boundary line physically). It wouldn’t be a great idea to go even one inch over someone’s property.

2. Follow regulations and respect limits

The rules for height, setbacks, and other restrictions can be different for different local zoning in the country. Read the Fencing Act or talk to a specialist at Boundaryline Fencing Systems to help you review restrictions before choosing a fence.

3. Share your plans

This is probably part of the “nice-to-dos” list, giving the fact that no one likes surprises. Before installing your fence, have a conversation with your neighbours and solve any issues before installing it.

4. Choose same both-sides fences

Some fences have similar or even precisely same posts, rails and palings on both sides; this means that both neighbours have the ‘good’ side of the fence. We have a wide range of options such as EliteWall, DuraPanel, ColourPanel, ColourSlat, or even Green Fencing.

5. Maintain and improve

Take the responsibility to clean and maintain the fence. It will allow you to have a better landscape for years. Remember to consider fence styles and maintenance required for each one.

6. Choose your fence contractor carefully

It is not just about choosing the right fence style, but to ensure to have excellent customer service afterwards as well. The company must be reliable, professional and do the job promptly.

No matter what is more important to you: boundary, protection, privacy, or style. Proper fence etiquette is critical to making your new fence pleasing to everyone. Engaged to that, Boundaryline Fencing Systems is here to assist you before, during and after your purchase. We make fencing easy.