How to keep your fence great for years this winter?

Winter started a little more than a month ago. Homes were prepared for this season by having pipes, plumbing and guttering checked to assure good insulation, heating, and getting rid of mould. However, there is another item that requires attention, the fencing system. Our specialised team has 5 tips on how to keep value to your property during these colder months.

Fencing Winter Alert1 – Keep your fencing free of overhanging tree limbs

Proactively trimming tree limbs that hanging over your fence will prevent possible damages, given the potential higher volume of water brought to the fence line by the limbs. It will also avoid possible damages if they break off due to the ice or snow extra-weight and the strong winds as well.

2 – Clean leftover leaves from the fall

Leaves piles around the fence can damage your fencing in cold months. The leaves lock moisture around your fence posts, and they could cause warp or rust. Furthermore, the leaves also become home for unwanted critters looking for a warm place to hide.

3 – Insect spray your fencing

Insects are particularly dangerous because signs of their damage aren’t always noticeable at first. By keeping things like leaves, toys and garden supplies away from your fence line, you prevent unwanted bugs from making a home there. It is always better to insect spray your fence during the winter to make sure you protect your fence before spring starts.

4 – Avoid keeping things attached to your fencing

Even though it seems inoffensive, storing items such as yard equipment or ladders can be as damaging as a pile of leaves on the bottom of the fence, because snow and ice will pile on top of them. Store those items somewhere else until the weather gets warm again.

5 – Clean your fencing after colder days

When the snow and ice melt away, your fence may look a little dull and dirty. Most fencing can be cleaned with water alone or with a simple soap solution. You can always use specific products sprays for exterior surfaces to kill the moss, mould and lichen – have you tried Wet&Forget Rapid Application?

As long as you follow good fence maintenance practices, your fencing will look great for years to come. Remember that your fencing system is the first asset that guests come across when visiting your place, and proper maintenance allied to a modern combination of security and style will provide a positive impression on them indeed.

Please, contact our experts if you have any enquiries for a specific fence type.