Here at Boundaryline, we take the safety and protection of people seriously. That is why we have designed a specific aluminium balustrade system that meets every need as a barrier to prevent falling. This balustrade system is our DuraPanel TITAN. This system is robust and strong, with a 2400mm post centre span and reaches a maximum 30 degree rake! It is a modular, stocked solution with a producer statement that includes over 30 approved fixing details to a wide range of substrates. Our entire DuraPanel range also complies with the F4 requirements of the building code as aluminium balustrade systems. The specific producer statements are in the links below.

Building Code Requirements

Clause F4 ‘Safety from Falling’ of the New Zealand Building Code requires building areas to be constructed to reduce the likelihood of accidental falls. Specifically, barriers are required where people could fall one metre or more. Barriers need to be designed and constructed so that they are capable of providing the strength and stiffness necessary for the proposed location and occupancy type of the property which they serve. Evidence of the suitability of the barrier system for its proposed use needs to be provided when making a building consent application.

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