Colenso Street, Sumner


This Canterbury home owner has used a typically rural fencing system in an urban setting, and the look is striking! Their choice of 3-Rail Post&Rail in Macrocarpa was stained to match the timber paneling of their home.

The delighted customer commented:

“The feedback from neighbours and passers-by has been incredible! People stop to take a look. People have congratulated us on a great fence that ties in with the house. Interestingly, originally we were going to put up a 1.8-metre fence for privacy. However, we decided that if we did that it would block us out from communicating with passers-by. Also, from a security perspective, a fence likes this one means that the house can be seen from the street thus, less likely for intruders to be able to hide behind a high fence, etc.”

“It has actually been amazing the feedback that we have had. Your fence has proven to be a very cost effective option when compared to other fences. Not only that, the feedback has confirmed for us that it has been exactly the right choice, particularly from a design perspective.”

“It proves that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get an excellent result even in an urban location.”